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RONCARATI Brushed Blue Suede Leather Shirt Jacket - Italy

$ 1,695.00


You will find exceptional craftsmanship in this buttery soft leather Shirt Jacket crafted in Italy. The back of the jacket falls longer than the front and drapes to mid thigh; the front panels are intentionally shorter, adding to the overall uniqueness of the piece. Superb details include pockets and leather tie closures. Hand dyed by artisans.

The Roncarati collection addresses women and men who are on the cutting-edge of fashions and trends; is of high quality and exclusive Italian craftsmanship founded on class and elegance. First quality leather, shearling and fabrics separate these collections from the classical conception of the "leather jacket". The careful search for innovative materials, the biological and natural tannings, the proposals of style and the search for detail make RONCARATI a collection of design and art.

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