• Arthur Court Horse and Rope Pitcher

Arthur Court Horse and Rope Pitcher



You will be awed with the intricate details of Arthur Court's Horse and Rope Pitcher as you use it for full effect.

Indented ropes twist around each other to create the beautifully textured base and handle of this piece. Horses exhibit tremendous realism in their faces and manes as they display in the center of this handmade, aluminum pitcher.

Designer premium signature aluminum alloy all Arthur Court are compliance with FDA regulations
Aluminum Serve ware can be chilled in the freezer or refrigerator or warmed in the oven to 350.
Wash by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately - do not put in dishwasher.
Comes in Gift Box perfect for Ranch / Horse Lovers

Weight 4.0500
UPC Number 752659020556
Size Diameter: 6.0" / W: 9.0" / H: 10.0"

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