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Maui Jim Equator Caramel Tortoise Sunglasses H848-10 FW22




EQUATORPolarized Wrap Sunglasses

Frame Fit Large : Generously sized frame construction for a larger head or face.

UV rays become more intense nearing the Equator as the sun peaks directly overhead for longer periods during the day. Our newest wrap style is designed to provide the type of full coverage needed in the tropics and beyond. Paired with a nylon frame in a quintessential and robust wrap silhouette, its SuperThin Glass lenses guarantee the absolute crispest optics with the enhanced protection of our PolarizedPlus2® patented technology.

Frame: Caramel Tortoise

Lens: HCL® Bronze - Versatile in changing conditions with a warm tint.

Lens Material: SuperThin Glass - Provides the absolute crispest optics available. 20% to 32% thinner and lighter than standard glass, it offers the best scratch and solvent resistance.

SKU: H848-10

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