• Two Inch Hero Children's Book by Peter Strunk

Two Inch Hero Children's Book by Peter Strunk




One sunny morning, little Lorenzo takes heart, opens his eyes, and leaves his familiar egg to check out the neighborhood. Curious as he is, he runs into one adventure after another. He learns a lot about all kinds of things, including about himself and his skills and about how to overcome fear, deal with tricky situations, and correct wrong assumptions for good. All the while, he is having one fun and exciting time.

The book not only provides fascinating entertainment, it also portrays a little guy's approach to unknown territory. It offers an example of how to take on the adventure of life in a positive, confident, and open-minded way.

The special design with lots of drawings and short headlines as well as detail-filled text makes Lorenzo's adventures enjoyable for children of many ages, from as young as preschool to fourth or fifth graders. With this multi-level approach, the book also helps to motivate the young to improve their reading skills and "allure" them into the fascinating world of words.

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