Akubra Chin Strap Brown or Black 883 SS23

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Akubra Chin  Strap 883 Breakaway Chin Strap SS23

This clever Chin Strap by Akubra is designed to break away if your hat is snagged while riding. The plastic releases pull apart with any excessive tension. It's also convenient for times when you don't need your chin strap. Simply loop the chin strap over the back brim of the hat or remove the longer ends and tuck them into your pocket. The length is 17 inches. A metal guide with the Akubra logo holds the two cords together. The cord is made of nylon. The Breakaway Chin strap is suitable for all Akubra hats we offer but is not suitable for most hats with cloth sweatbands, such as our Panamas. Instructions are included with the chin strap. Designed in Australia, and made in China.

Chin straps, known in cattle country as stampede strings, ensure against loss of your hat in wind or brush.

Akubra's Breakaway Chin Strap is ideal when your adventures take you on horseback through brush or under low-hanging branches. The Breakaway Chin Strap works well in the wind too, and fits all the Akubra hats we offer -- Akubra hats with and without chin strap hooks. Note: The Breakaway Chin Strap does not readily attach to most hats with cloth bands and is not recommended for other brands, such as our Panama hats. Most of the Akubras we offer have chin strap hooks set inside the crown.

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