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Arthur Court Equestrian Catch All 103828

$ 39.00


Arthur Court Equestrian Catch All 103828

Merge your love of horses with the joy of hosting using this Equestrian Catch All from Arthur Court. 

Bits fasten together in exceptional symmetry along the entire edge of this piece, forcing your eyes to follow the sharp angles in their design. Let the superior craftshmanship of this handmade, aluminum dish draw guests in towards the food you place inside it.d water and buff dry. You may choose to polish your tray with a soft cloth, but the metal is specifically designed to be tarnish-resistant.

In a picturesque display of the wild, two horses peer off into the distance, as if dreaming about the stalks of wheat that surround them. The distinct detail in their jaw muscles and the server's intricate, ropy handle make this handmade, aluminum set a must-have.

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