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Charles Owens Polo Sovereign Helmet HEADBAND

$ 29.95


Sovereign Polo HEADBAND

This Charles Owen Cup Headband is made for use specifically with helmets and skull caps for the Sovereign and Palermo 2 Polo Helmets. Used as a replacement headband:

  • Offers a fantastic solution for keeping your helmet hygienic and fresh.
  • Allows you to have one liner to wear and one to wash.
  • Recreates Charles Owen’s signature snug “fresh out of the box” fit by refreshing the padding.

All cup headbands are sized in individual centimeter sizes, as are shell sizes, for the most accurate measurement. This cup style of headband may change the fit of your helmet if it has a different size than the headband that originally accompanied the helmet. Shell sizes are provided here to help you select your headband size.

  • Shell Small: 54cm and 55cm
  • Shell Medium: 56cm-59cm
  • Shell Large: 60cm and 64cm

Made in the United Kingdom.
Machine wash at 30°C (86°F); no bleach. Hang dry. Do not tumble dry.
100% polyester.

The best in the game. The Sovereign meets NOCSAE POLO safety standards with a superior next-generation liner.

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