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Evocateur Cavalli Cuff Equestrian Bracelet 3 inch in Gold

$ 398.00


Cavalli VO 1097 Horse Cuff 3 inch large Gold Bracelet Hand Made in USA

  • 22K gold leaf
  • Swarovski Crystal Element
  • 3" width
  • 2.5" diameter

A startling and powerful image of a vintage Cavalli Horse scene on this radiant piece. Express your deep love for animals and nature. Call our friendly stylists at Saratoga Saddlery with any questions you may have at (518) 580-4522 # 101 or Toll Free (800) 855-9041

ÉVOCATEUR’s collection of alluring, equestrian art-driven jewelry fuses innovative design with glamorous sophistication. Featuring 22K gold leaf and sterling silver leaf, our designs reflect a love of the traditional and ancient, blended with the modern and contemporary. The jewelry’s inimitable style features striking images inspired by the equestrian lifestyle.

Capturing the art and luxury of handmade jewelry, each piece becomes a modern heirloom, evoking memories and stories.  

This Equestrian Jewelry is collected and coveted by women worldwide, ÉVOCATEUR celebrates modern style with an eternally chic aesthetic. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What cuff size am I?
A: Measure your wrist over the wrist bone with a tape measure- make sure that the tape measure is not too tight.
This sizing information is as follows:
5.5 inches to 6 inches- Small
6 inches to 6.75 inches- Medium
6.75 inches to 7.5 inches- Large


For Extra Small and Extra Large, please contact us at sales@SaratogaSaddlery.com
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