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Guy McLean DVD Ridden Work Horsemanship Horsemanship

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Horsemanship with Guy McLean Ridden Work: Basics & Start of Advancement ?Horses are my life, my living and my love. Mine is a life dedication to horses and their education?I call my method ?finding a better way,? and that?s my goal ? to always improve. I hope this works for you.? ? Guy McLean Guy McLean is known across Australia as the Horseman from Susan River. He has spent his life creating and perfecting his unique ?Quietway? horse training methods. In this production ?Ridden Work ? Basics & Start of Advancement,? the 2nd in a series of instructional DVDs Guy explains both his techniques and the reasoning behind them. ?On rein riding (halter) ?Riding over different terrain ?Riding through water ?Be inspired by Guy?s ?Liberty Horses? ?Ridden Work? is an essential addition of any rider?s equestrian library. From Camp-drafting to Dressage, these methods are designed to improve your horse?s performance. Runtime: 80 mins.

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